Provenance done proper


We take our chicken very seriously, it’s what we are all about! So we only use free-range birds hatched locally in a family-run farm. We tea brine for 48 hours to make them super tender and juicy. We then double dredge the Birds in spiked buttermilk and coat in our-house seasoned mix for that signature crunch. The end result is the best damn chicken you have ever tasted!


The chicken may have come first but the Bun is just as important to us! We use a soffft AF Amish roll from the legends in Coughlan’s bakery to hold down our Birds. The fluffy texture is perfect against the crunch of our chicken. Grab on and dig in.


We’ve put a huge amount of research and time into making our food awesome for you guys and our booze pairings are no different. We have chosen each beer option specifically to match one of the distinct flavour profiles on offer. We’ve also partnered with the guys in Hope Brewery to bring you our own hybrid house brew; Mad Yoke. The perfect partner for a chicken dinner!